Partner Fields

Partners can add fields to transaction to store important information about the transaction taking place. All partner fields are optional.

Partner Order Id

Field: partner_order_id

This is a searchable id, max 40 characters, which can be used in the partner transaction query.

partner_order_idis not required to be unique.

Partner Ref

Field: partner_ref

This is an opaque, non-searchable string. Intended to contain a custom signed JWT created by the partner, or other verify-able encoded information.

By creating and signing a JWT that is associated with a transaction, a partner can be confident that partner_ref has not been tampered with by either a client side script/extension or the Liquid consumer API.

Partner Tags

Field: partner_tags

An array of string tags, each max 40 characters, max 10 tags.

This is intended to tag transactions with features such as a campaign id, product sku, region code etc.

Partner fields can also be specified in an intent. If the same partner field is present in both the configuration and the intent, the value in the widget configuration takes priority.

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